Nanofluidics and Bioimaging

Nanofluidics and Bioimaging is part of the NanoBioPhys section.

As an interdisciplinary research group, we focus on experimental nanofluidics for the manipulation and imaging of biologically relevant particles such as macro-molecules, lipid vesicles, metaphase chromosomes and cells.

Our goal is to provide new tools for the life sciences based on a combination of micro-/nanofluidics, biophysics, and various imaging techniques.

Nanofluidics arrays: we studied DNA from the megabase to the kilobase length scale. Here, we designed a nanofluidic device for stretching single DNA molecules for optical mapping. With the optical mapping device, we could image human genomic DNA with kilobase pair resolution, and thus detect structural variations in a single molecule.


Microfluidic reactors: we developed a microfluidic reactor for performing enzymatic reactions on single metaphase chromosomes. This activity supported by the EU project Chromavision and the NNF Synergy project ChromoCapture.


Super-resolution imaging: we work on super resolution fluorescence microscopy for tracking single particles in live cells. This activity is supported by the NNF challenge center CitBio.


Rodolphe Marie
Gruppeleder, Lektor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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