PhD project by Masih Fahim

Name: Masih Fahim
Project Title: Nanofluidics to quantify localization and counting accuracy under different chemical conditions
Group: Nanofluidics and Bioimaging
Supervisors: Rodolphe Marie and Kim Mortensen

Project Description: 
My project is part of the MSCA ITN SuperCol, which combines super‐resolution microscopy with advanced modelling and colloid chemistry, to deliver revolutionary insights into structure-function relationships in the application area of particle‐based sensors. Colloidal micro- or nanoscopic particles can be loaded with many molecules to deliver and release drugs or bind pathogens and biomarkers at a target site. However, the ability to quantify the chemical interface of a particle at a single molecular level is limited by the lack of methods for visualization.
The main objective of my PhD project is to combine fluorescence imaging and fluidics to investigate how the localization accuracy of super-resolution imaging changes as a function of the refractive index mismatch and particle optical properties. 

Efficient super‐resolution screening methods on nanoscopic particles enables a tight and quantitative control over the number, distribution, and activity of interface chemical groups.  This is likely to improve nanoparticle-based bio-sensing for diagnostics and drug delivery for therapy.


Masih Fahim
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Rodolphe Marie
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Kim Mortensen
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