About us

DTU Health Tech and its research has a strong cross-disciplinary profile. This profile signifies strengths within a number of areas essential for developing and contributing with new solutions and knowledge to industry and the health care services.

The Department of Health Technology consists of competences matching the technological trend of convergence between technological areas i.e. the fusion of technologies from classical topics such as biotech/pharma, medico technology and digital technologies.

DTU Health Tech’s research consists of these three groupings:

  • Biopharma: Immunotherapy/immunology, vaccine development, drug delivery, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, preclinical animal models
  • Medtech: Medical imaging, biophotonics, medical devices, sensors, diagnostics platforms, biomaterials
  • Digital Health: Pervasive computing, bioinformatics, signal processing, precision and predictive medicine, personalized health, wearables, supercomputing solutions for big omicsdata, genomics.